Our Warranty Terms

Our Warranty Terms are similar to the usual limited warranty terms provided by major manufactures such as Brother NZ.
Always email us or ring to discuss any issues you may think are under warranty before bringing the machine to us [we prefer email].

The main exceptions compared to Brother NZ's are
  1. In the event of resale, the balance of the warranty is not transferable
  2. Ours is usually for 3 months from the date of purchase
    [unless otherwise stipulated].
  3. We usually don't have an onsite warranty
    To visit the Brother NZ warranty click here

    Environ Printers & Fax Repairs Warranty applies to used a used machines, service or parts [fitted by us] provided by us.
    In event that you experience a problem with a used machine, parts [fitted by us] or service provided by us within the warranty conditions & period; we will repair this product free of charge or we will refund the purchase price of the product less any reasonable amount to reflect the use of a consumable that was supplied with the machine or wear & tear on the machine since it was sold [for instance a cost per copy may be charged]
    This warranty does not include general maintenance kits, normal wear and tear, cleaning, or any damage as the result of accident, neglect, misuse. Any part sold by us & not fitted to a machine by us has no warranty
    To maintain a high standard of operation we recommend the use of only genuine Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEM] consumables. The use of non-genuine OEM manufactured, refilled or compatible consumables may affect the performance of this product and may void our warranty. Other parts or supplies not specifically sold by us may void our product warranty.

    We do not accept liability for any freight or transportation costs or for any damage during transit; nor any consequential damages seemingly relating to the product or it’s related components. The customer is to provide their own insurance for theft or damage to the product during any repairs or transport.

    We do not assume responsibility for delays in replacement or repair of products or parts

    Products and parts repaired or replaced by Environ under warranty shall be warranted for only the balance of the original warranty period not for an extra term.

    When making a warranty claim a deposit of $40+gst is to be paid before the machine is accepted & evaluation of the problem takes place.

    ...... The $40+gst is refundable except when...............

    The machine is outside the warranty terms [no refund]
    When a credit card is used for the deposit. In this case $2 will be retained to cover the cost of the credit card