About Environ,

About Environ,

Why did we use this name?Logo_Environ_120x93

We reduce the volume

of used office products

going into our rubbish dumps.

Our logo represents the sun & its rays of light over a clean river

It is only lately that any distributor of office equipment in NZ have started meaningful recycling programs.

We have beaten most of the distributors to the recycling process by many years. We started recycling in 1991.

A Major NZ copier company was selling an OPC-drum-unit that was being discarded when a mechanism in it stopped it's further use.[the copier company said it was not recyclable]. There were a lot of these machines in Auckland [causing a lot of waste prematurely going into NZ's rubbish dumps].

The cost of the drum-unit was around $450+gst.

We found we could re-manufacture it in 15 minutes using no materials & make it last longer than its first cycle 

We recycled hundreds of these cartridges

until the machine became redundant.

Recycling is a threat to the OEMs.

The biggest threat to them is the re-manufactured print-cartridges.

Some of these companies collect their own cartridges so that they cannot fall into the hands of the cartridge recyclers.

Most OEMs produce print cartridges using 'killer chips" that stop the machine from printing often when there is a lot of ink or toner still left in the cartridge....click here for more information

Environ Printers & Fax Repairs promote;

ü recycling computer screensRecycling_logo

ü recycling computers

ü recycling dotmatrix printers

ü recycling inkjet cartridges

ü recycling inkjet printers

ü recycling laser printer cartridges

ü recycling laser printers

ü recycling office equipment

Our Mt Eden workshop is a drop-off point for Brother NZs recycling program… click here for more information.

Contact us anytime.. peter@environrepairs.co.nz