Avoid Prosecution

Business owner & employees are open to prosecution by OSH
if an accident occurs with any 230-volt portable appliance not Pat tested.
All equipment plugged into 230 volts supply should be PAT tested.
Even flexible extension leads
probably the most likely equipment to fail as often roughly treated

Our test equipment has revealed;

New 230 volt leads not to have a safe earth circuits, a very dangerous situation.
The 230 volt extension may look fine but you need to test it with the proper equipment to know that it is safe.
Injury caused by an untagged 230 volt appliance could incur of $500,000 and even imprisonment.
If a fire is attributed to an untagged appliance your insurance company may refuse to pay out

Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 state [Page 19 paragraph 3]

A person who owns or operates works, installations, fittings or appliances commits a grade A offence if he or she uses, or allows another person to use, the works, installations, fittings or appliances, knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, the works, installations, fittings, or appliances are electrically unsafe.
Read this regulation by clicking on this link and opening the PDF file

Even the user can be prosecuted.

When you pick up any 230-volt lead and plug it into the mains outlet or turn on any 230-volt lead appliance you should check the equipment has been Safety testing & tagged in accordance with AS/NZS3760 & when it should be next tested. This may even save your life.
This includes your computer, electrical heater, the kitchen toaster, etc. etc.
Environ Printers & Fax Repairs provides PAT testing to protect you from electrical hazards & prosecution by OSH

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