Deskjet Inks

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Environ Printers & Fax Repairs sells
most of HP DJ inks including Inks for the following

DeskJet 1000 (J110A)
DeskJet 1000Cxi
DeskJet 1120c
DeskJet 1125c
DeskJet 1180c
DeskJet 1220c
DeskJet 1280c
DeskJet 1600c
DeskJet 2000 (J210)
DeskJet 3000 (J310)
DeskJet 3325
DeskJet 3420
DeskJet 350CBi
DeskJet 3550
DeskJet 3650
DeskJet 3745
DeskJet 3820
DeskJet 3845
DeskJet 3940
DeskJet 400 / 420
DeskJet 450 wbt
DeskJet 450CBi
DeskJet 460cb
DeskJet 500
DeskJet 500c
DeskJet 5160
DeskJet 540
DeskJet 5440
DeskJet 5550
DeskJet 560
DeskJet 5652
DeskJet 5740
DeskJet 600
DeskJet 610c
DeskJet 6122
DeskJet 630c
DeskJet 640C
DeskJet 6540
DeskJet 656c
DeskJet 660c
DeskJet 670c
DeskJet 6840
DeskJet 690c
DeskJet 692c
DeskJet 695c
DeskJet 710c
DeskJet 720c
DeskJet 810c
DeskJet 820Cxi
DeskJet 830C
DeskJet 840c
DeskJet 845c
DeskJet 850c
DeskJet 870cxi
DeskJet 880c
DeskJet 890c
DeskJet 895Cxi
DeskJet 9300
DeskJet 930c
DeskJet 948c
DeskJet 950c
DeskJet 960c
DeskJet 9650
DeskJet 9680
DeskJet 970Cxi
DeskJet 9800
DeskJet 990Cxi
DeskJet D1460
DeskJet D1560
DeskJet D1660
DeskJet D2360
DeskJet D2460
DeskJet D2560
DeskJet D2660
DeskJet D4160
DeskJet D4260
DeskJet D4360
DeskJet D5560

OfficeJet 6000 (E609)
OfficeJet 7000 A3+
OfficeJet H470B
OfficeJet K7100
OfficeJet Pro 8000
OfficeJet Pro K5300
OfficeJet Pro K5400
OfficeJet Pro K550
OfficeJet Pro K850
OfficeJet Pro K8600
OfficeJet 100 Mobile L411A

Photosmart 7150
Photosmart 7260
Photosmart 7350
Photosmart 7450
Photosmart 7550
Photosmart 7660
Photosmart 7760
Photosmart 7830
Photosmart 7960
Photosmart 8030
Photosmart 8230
Photosmart 8450
Photosmart D5360
Photosmart D5460
Photosmart D6160
Photosmart D7160
Photosmart D7260
Photosmart D7360
Photosmart D7460
Photosmart P1000
Photosmart P1100
Photosmart Pro B8330
Photosmart Pro B9180