Brother Manual Typewriter Ribbon sales,

Brother Manual Typewriter Ribbon sales, 

All typewriter ribbons for Brother manual typewriters are the same width and similar length but occasionally the ribbon-spools are different.

If you contact David at Eden Typewriters [the best option is email with pictures of your machine and ribbon-spools attached], is likely he can supply you with one that will fit your machine without needing to be rewound onto your current spool.

If you need to rewind the ribbon onto your own spool; we recommend wearing disposable light gloves.

Our typewriter-ribbons are generally sourced from Germany.

The usual retail price is $19.55 inc.gst. each This is for the standard black, or the standard black and red.

For most customers we can supply a new ribbon already on a spool that will fit their particular Brother manual-typewriter.

Occasionally there is a need for you to wind the new ribbon onto your own ribbon-spool. 

We also have some special unusual coloured typewriter-ribbons

they are sourced from the USA.

The spool in these will fit lots of typewriters, but not all.

It is possible you would need to rewind these onto your own spool.

The colors are bluepurple or green

the cost of these are $27.99 gst-incl. each.