81001.01 universal double-spool Black

This generic ribbon 81001.01 universal double-spool Black nylon typewriter-ribbon is used on many manual typewriters. Often it needs to be rewound on an existing spool but with a little bit of effort you can usually get it to work satisfactorily. The following as an indication of some of the machines will work on.
ACM Standard, ACM Underwood, Adler 121d, Adler 131, Adler 21, Adler Factura the Adler Junior 20, Adler Meteor, Adler Portable N.S., Adler Portable O.S., Adler Princess 300, Adler Standard N.S., Adler Standard O.S., Adler Sw7500, Brother 2000, Brother 210, Brother 220, Brother 240t, Brother 250tr, Brother 262tr, Brother 3060, Brother 3800, Brother 600 Deluxe, Brother 650tr, Brother 660tr, Brother 662tr, Brother 670tr . Brother 700 Deluxe, Brother Charger11, Brother Charger11 C, Brother Charger12, Brother Charger2000, Brother Charger2512, Brother Charger3000, Brother Charger3012, Brother Charger3500, Brother Charger4512, Brother Charger 750 Tr, Brother Charger 762 Tr, Brother Charger 850 Tr, Brother Electric Portable, Brother Standard Portable, Brother Xl1010, Brother Xl1012, Brother Xl3112, Brother Xl3612, Brother Xl4612, Corona Clipper, Corona Comet, Corona Compact 200, Corona Compact 258, Corona Galaxie 6T, Corona International 4, Corona Portable 5, Corona Silent, Corona Sterling, Facit 1620, Facit 1630, Facit 1730, Facit 1740, Facit 1742, Facit 1820, Facit 1821, Facit 1822, Facit 1823, Facit 1824, Facit 1825, Facit 1826, Facit 1830, Facit 1840, Facit 1845, Facit 6202, Facit 6210, Facit 6301, Facit Electric N.S., Facit Electric Portable OS, Facit Portable, Facit Standard NS, Facit Standard, Fasit Tp2, Hermes 10, Hermes 44, Hermes 605, Hermes 705s, Hermes 8, Hermes 9, Hermes Ambassador, Hermes Baby 1000, Hermes Electric, Hermes Japy Gazelle, Hermes Japy Message, Hermes Japy Portable & Electric, Hermes Portable, Hermes Standard,

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