81001.01 universal double-spool

81001.01 universal double-spool,
This generic ribbon 81001.01 universal double-spool Black nylon typewriter-ribbon is used on many manual typewriters. Often it needs to be rewound on an existing spool but with a little bit of effort you can usually get it to work satisfactorily. The following as an indication of some of the machines will work on.

Imperial 17, Imperial 70 Imperial 80, Imperial 200, Imperial 200n, Imperial 2002, Imperial 201, Imperial 202, Imperial 203, Imperial 220, Imperial 300-Portable, Imperial 560, Imperial 660, Imperial 690, Imperial 770, Imperial 790, Imperial 795, Imperial 80, Imperial 800, Imperial 90, Imperial 970, Imperial Caravan, Imperial Concord-Portable, Imperial Electric, Imperial Fleetwood, Imperial Gemini, Imperial Good-Companion-5, Imperial Good-Companion-7, Imperial Heritage, Imperial Maritza, Imperial Mercury, Imperial Messenger-8, Imperial Portable-1000, Imperial Portable-200, Imperial Portable-200n, Imperial Portable-220, Imperial Safari-Signet, Imperial Signet, Imperial Tab-O-Matic-Portable, Montgomery Ward 800, Montgomery Ward 900, Montgomery Ward Portable, Montgomery Ward Standard, Oliver 19, Oliver 20, Oliver 21, Oliver Portable, Oliver Standard, Olivetti 203, Olivetti 230, Olivetti 240, Olivetti 245, Olivetti 250, Olivetti 270, Olivetti Editor-2f- Fabric, Olivetti Editor-3f-Fabric, Olivetti Editor-4-Fabric, Olivetti Editor-5-Fabric, Olivetti Graphika, Olivetti Lettera-21, Olivetti Lettera-25, Olivetti Lettera-31, Olivetti Lettera-32, Olivetti Lettera-35, Olivetti Lettera-36, Olivetti Lettera-36c, Olivetti Lettera-82, Olivetti Lettera-S-14, Olivetti Praxis-48, Olivetti Scribe, Olivetti Standard, Olivetti Studio-44, Olivetti Studio-45, Olivetti Tekne-3, Olympia 35, Olympia 45, Olympia 450, Olympia Carina-1, Olympia Carina-2, Olympia Carina-3, Olympia-Ce-12, Olympia Electric, Olympia Electric-45 Old-Style, Olympia Electric-65, Olympia Er-12, Olympia Ez-12, Olympia Portable, Olympia Sg-3, Olympia Sg-3b, Olympia Sg-3L, Olympia Sg-3n, Olympia Sg-3s, Olympia Sge-65, Olympia Sm-9, Olympia T-3000, Olympia Traveller-C Olympia Monica, Olympia Monica-Md , Olympia Monika-S - Olympia Monica-S-splendid-33, Olympia Splendid-66 - Olympia Traveller , Olympia Traveller-C, Olympia Traveller-Deluxe, Olympia Traveller-Deluxe-S - Olympia Sm2, Olympia Sm3, Olympia Sm8, Olympia 4, Olympia Sm9 - Olympia Sm33 - Olympia Simplex Portable - Olympia 6710 - Olympia 6760 - Olympia Electric-35 , Olympia Electric-45, Olympia Sg1, Olympia Sg-1, Olympia Sg3 - Olympis Sg-3, Olympia Sge35, Olympia Sge40, Olympia Sge45, Olympia Sm2, Olympia Sm4, Olympia Sm7, Olympia Sm9, Olympia Sm33, Olympia Carina 2, Carina Portable, Olympia De Luxe, Olympia Portable, Olympia Splendid 99, Olympia Monica Deluxe, Olympia Os9, Olympia 0s9 Typewriters,