153.11 Brother AX10 (SC)

Here are only some of the typewriters the 153.11 the Brother AX10 (SC) ribbon is used on.
[160 Meters - Correctable Carbon ribbon]
Brother typewriters,
Compactronic-300, Compactronic-300M, Compactronic-310, Compactronic-320, GX-6000, GX-6500, GX-6750, GX-7000, GX-7500, GX-7750, GX-8000, GX-8250, GX-8500, GX-8750, GX-9000, GX-9500, GX-9750, SX-14, SX-16, SX-23,SX-4000, WP-1150, WP-250, WP-1350, WP-1400, WP-1450, WP-1500, WP-1600, WP-1700, WP-800, WP-2200, WP-230, WP-2400, WP-2410, WP-2450, WP-2500, WP-2600 , WP-2800, WP-330, WP-335, WP-3400, WP-3410, WP-3550, WP-360, WP-3650, WP-3900, WP-3900, WP-3950, WP-4750, WP-490, WP-5500, WP-5550, WP-5600, WP-5750, WP-5750, WP-5850, WP-5900, WPT-470, WPT-480, ZX-1700, ZX-1900, ZX-3000, ZX-50,

Olivetti typewriter, RT-7500,

Olympia typewriter,
Carrera-I, Carrera-Ideluxe, Carrera-III, Prestige-378, Prestige-379, Prestige-MD, Prestige-MD40, Splendid-MD, Splendid-MD40,

Panasonic typewriterthiss,
KX-R190, KX-R191, KX-R193, KX-R194, KX-R195, KX-R196, KX-R200, KX-R210, KX-R250, KX-R300, KX-R310, KX-R315, KX-R320, KX-R330, KX-R335, KX-R340, KX-R350, KX-R355, KX-R375, KX-R430, KX-R435, KX-R440, KX-R445, KX-R520, KX-R530, KX-R535, KX-R540, KX-R550, KX-R560, KX-R800, KX-W1000, KX-W1025, KX-W1030, KX-W1500, KX-W1505, KX-W1510, KX-W1525, KX-W1550, KX-W1555, KX-W900, KX-W905, KX-W955, KX-WD55, KX-WL45, KX-WL50, KX-WL55,

Samsung typewriters,
SQ-1000, SQ-1020, SQ-3000, SQ-3020, SQ-W1000,

Olivetti typewriter repairs, | Samsung typewriter repairs, | Olympia typewriter repairs,

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